Zacher Capital is regulated Chartered Accountancy & Family Office service provider, established in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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About us

In today’s highly regulated environment, Zacher Capital SA objective is to meet the clients’ needs by offering customized solutions within the international changing legal environment.

Zacher’s primary mission is to provide an extensive range of highquality services and high value added taylor made customized solutions in matters of company and Alternative Investment Funds.

Why to invest from Luxembourg?

Year after year, Luxembourg reaffirms its leadership role in the global financial sector. The experience and knowledge of its professionals in this sector make it possible to offer quality services to clients who come to Luxembourg.

Located in the heart of Europe, it has some characteristics that give it great recognition in the financial world:

  • Founding Member of the European Union.
  • Highest GDP per capita in the world.
  • An economy with AAA Credit Rating, strong macroeconomic fundamentals and politically stable.
  • It has a legal and regulatory framework for state-of-the-art Investment Funds, recognized by the global asset management community.
  • It has a highly experienced regulator.
  • Leading the way in investor protection.
  • Seventh most resilient economy int he world.

A unique investment ecosystem

In today’s highly regulated environment, Zacher Capital SA objective is to meet the clients’ needs by offering customized solutions within the international changing legal environment.

What is alternative investing?

An Alternative Investment is considered to be any investment that, compared to Traditional Funds based on the purchase of stocks and bonds, invests in the following categories:
1) Real Estate
2) Private Equity
3) Infrastructures
4) Structured Products.
5) Hedge Funds
6) Cryptocurrency

The current situation of low or zero interest rates and high indebtedness both public and private, creates the need to be able to invest in another class of assets that offer a higher return than those currently offered by Traditional Fund Managers. In the context of the current market situation, we strongly believe that Alternative Investment is the proper vehicle to seek higher returns through market decorrelation and diversification in other type of assets. That is why Zacher Capital through our manager Zacher Asset Management offers such a possibility from our more than 25 years of experience.

What services does Zacher Capital offer?

The company offers the following services:


Luxembourg as a fund center

Luxembourg is the largest Investment Fund Center of Europe and the second largest globally after the US, with more than €4.973 trillion in net assets under management.

Offering a full range of investment vehicles and its financial supervisory authority, the Commision de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) is one of Europe’s leading regulators and is recognized throughout the world.

Hence, the advantages of having Investment Funds deposited in Luxembourg are:

  • Having the money legally in a place that avoids country risk or insolvency risk, as a Luxembourg bank is the custodian.
  • Due to regulatory reasons, many Investment Funds cannot be subscribed from Spain. However, through a Luxembourg vehicle, the investor will be able to access al the Investment Funds available on the market worldwide and therefore to have more investment possibilities open.
  • The Investment Funds in Spain are taxed at 1% profits while the taxation of AIF in Luxembourg is 0%.
  • The Supervision Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier is in charge of promoting transparency and investor protection.

Our team

We have a team with high expertise ready to answer your questiones and help you with your next steps.

David Miragall

Hedge Fund Manager  Zacher Capital Spain

Javier Gregori

Junior Equity Trader

Amparo Miragall